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Curatorial, Research and Installation Projects



    Compulsive Browse   Depot  
  As Much As Possible Given the Time and Space Allotted For this collections-based exhibition project at the...   Compulsive Browse, the role of research in contemporary Canadian art practices   Depot, a museum of the present for the University of Waterloo...  
      Letherium   Magnify  
  Interval   The Letherium project, at its most basic level, proposed an architectural competition...   Magnify, a curated exhitibition about exaltation, amplification, augmentation, and excess  
  Proposal Telepathic Drawing Session  
  Proposal, In this lack of containment lies a danger, but also a power. Pushkin's Ponies Telepathic Drawing Session: a modest (if not largely invisible) project...  
  Smith's Kline knot Voir Noir    
  The Topology of Objecthood, a long response to just two short paragraphs... Voir/Noir at the Musée d’art de Joliette presents an assemblage of historical...